Color outside the lines

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Thank you for 11 incredible years!

The Paint Mixer will be closing this chapter and finalizing this business’s journey this month. When does an artist know that a work of art is finished? Intuition, timing, instinct. This company’s canvas has been colored with vivid designs, ideas and events throughout these last 11 years and we are so grateful. We are going to take the time to reflect with tender hearts on this past work and generate fresh ideas for future visions in and outside of Park City. While The Paint Mixer hangs up its brushes- creativity never ends. We want to thank you for this significant opportunity to design, delight and play host to your gatherings and artwork. As artists, the details and finishing touches matter very much and we look forward to this period of finalization. Should any emerging artist have questions, or a desire to pick up our brushes & canvases where we leave them to create a new inspiring chapter- please reach out. The future belongs to the curious, the creatives and those rooting for them. Your masterpieces have been our mission.

We are fulfilling final events in April and May and all currently booked group events.

Your Paint Mixer Team


In and around Park City - Check our calendar and/or book a private event. (435) 604-0820


In and around Salt Lake City - Check our calendar and/or book a private event. (801) 484-0282